In Chinese medicine, good health is much
more expansive than simply what the physical being exhibits.


Hello and welcome to Acupuncture With Grace.

Mind, body, and spirit are intricately linked to the overall state of one’s health. At Acupuncture With Grace, we provide individualized treatments focused on addressing those elements, thus encouraging the body’s own ability to restore wellness and equilibrium.

We are committed to using only therapies which are natural and holistic in order to facilitate healing. Services include acupuncture, manual therapies such as cupping and guasha, whole-food nutrition, as well as herbs and supplements.

Though healthcare is ultimately in the hands of the patient, at Acupuncture With Grace, we emphasize the importance of establishing a strong partnership throughout the healing process for optimal results. By carefully listening and responding to their needs, we provide the understanding, tools, and resources to use for immediate care as well as for lifelong vibrant health.

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